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How not to sort out!


Remember the big sort I was telling you about last week? Well the project continues but with chaos abounding.

1) We had to buy a new bed for our spare room. After MUCH discussion Hubs refused to buy a new mattress as well so I ordered one anyway

2) Whilst we are sorting out the new bed I virtually threw out all my clothes from the spare room wardrobe. I feel cleansed but maybe I will have to organise something for the Winter! We took seven bags of clothes to the charity shops.

3) Its amazing how much I had stored under the old spare room bed.

4) As we were buying a new bed it seemed sensible to decorate the room. Hubs agreed after some gentle persuasion.

5) The bulb had fused in the spare room so Hubs sort of removed the shade to replace the bulb. The light fitting broke so now we need a new light fitting and an electrician to fit it.

6) The TV in the lounge died so we are off to buy a new one tomorrow.

7) Because we are expecting a new bed and re decorating I have bought new bedding. Well you can’t use old quilt covers on a new bed can you?

8) It seemed a good idea to buy curtains to match the new quilt.

9) The electric kettle gave up so we need to buy a new one! I guess we’ve made too much calming tea with the other kettle.

10) Maybe I will sort out our master bedroom next! Maybe not as I don’t want a divorce!

Pause for thought:


Victorian Bed Cover


Victorian Bed Cover
This bed cover is hand-made with squares of embroidery sewn together using machine-made lace. It has a delightful border of flowers embroidered in mainly chain stitch. The bed cover is large enough for a double bed. I suspect it was made more as a cover for dust? As it is made from linen and certainly offers no warmth. Whilst I am not certain of its history I do know something of its provenance. It came from a house in Southsea near Portsmouth Hampshire about thirty years ago.I am reasonably certain that it was made in the very early 1900s
There is a larger central square embroidered with the initials “CMJ” or is it “CMT”? I can’t find the name of the femail who made this lovely article, but I will keep searching.
If anyone can shed anymore light on this cover I would be delighted to hear from you.