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Compacts and Cakes


imageCompacts and Cakes

Whilst we away last week a friend and I made a side trip to Leyburn. We went on the public bus which was an amazingly lovely journey. We travelled through the Dales down the narrowest of lanes. Fortunately the driver was very good at his job! In Leyburn we found one of the best charity shops that I have visited- and believe me I’ve been in a lot!
This particular Hospice Charity Shop was set out as a home with individual rooms full of good quality,fair priced items. In the “lounge” was the appropriate furniture with ornaments, soft furnishings etc. there was a “nursery” filled with childrens items, a library,and a kitchen full of kitchin items. The shop wasn’t smelly and was very welcoming.
I found a rather nice compact to add to my collection. I only now buy Stratton compacts and have purchased them all at a fair price so could sell at a profit if I got fed up of them! The afor mentioned friend gave me a top tip. She advised using baby wipes to clean delicate items. Apparently they also clean spots on furniture as well. This is because they are gentle for a baby’s bottom so won’t damage the item.

Bargain Book and New Project


Bargain Book and New Project

I picked up a knitting pattern book in my local bargain supermarket (Aldi) today. Its cost was £2.99 which is less than I pay for a magazine and even less than I payed for a pattern of the Internet! That is another lovely project that I hope no WILL start next week.
This book contains many easyish patterns that inspire and teach various techniques.
I can’t start the next project (the Internet pattern one) until it get help from my friends at my craft group on Monday.