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Apple Cake


Here in the UK it has been a good year for apples. The very good news is that at this time of the year I get them for free! I LOVE free😃 my friends have apple trees and can only cope with so many so I get the remains. I have baked, stewed,chopped and munched through the last couple of weeks.

Today I have made Apple Cakes. I used a recipe from The Dairy Book of Family Cookery which I purchased from my milkman back in 1983. In those days I had a young family and not much money. Now I have an old family and not much money……..! OK so I’m rich in other ways.

I have altered the recipe a little but here it is.🌞

Apple Cake

225g cooking apples, peeled and chopped.

225g sultanas

150ml milk

175 brown sugar

350 self raising flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

2 generous tea spoons mixed spice

175g butter, melted

1 egg beaten

Mix apples, sultanas, milk, and sugar

Sieve together flour and spice

Divide between 2 One pound loaf tins which have been lined and greased.

Sprinkle with Demerara sugar

Bake at 160 degrees C in a fan oven for 1 hour or until risen and golden brown.

Serve sliced with afternoon tea.

Apple Crumbling


image image image imageDon’t children just love baking? I have had no time to craft, knit, sew or any blogging. This is due to the Summer break, child care commitments and holiday trips. Now I know why so many bloggers take an August blogging break! Today step Grand daughter and I found ourselves home alone. As I had acquired some baking apples we decided to go for the crumble option. She got her hands in there and we played the “Great British Bake Off.” We made so much crumble the spare went into the freezer.. The apple crumble bubbled and turned golden in the oven. (Don’t look at the state of oven I’ve certainly no time to clean it!) The crumble was delicious with ice cream. The kitchen was a happy mess. Step Grandchild was fully occupied. Job done!

Cake for Heroes



imageCake for Heroes

Saturday saw our Help For Heroes cake sale. Myself and many friends made cake, sponge cake, Bara Brith, cake and more cake. This was sold at a community cafe in our village. We made about £200 in aid of Help for Heroes charity. We had good fun, a good laugh and a good cake sample! The money will be donated this week and cake making will start in readiness for the next Charity cake sale.

Jugs and Grannies!


imageMincemeat SlicesJugs and Grannies!

I was cleaning (I was, honest!) today when I fell into a nostalgia trip with the vase of daffodils illustrated. The jug was inherited from my maternal Grandmother, a lady that I never met. Her name was Susannah and the mother to seven children. She bought the jug in 1932 and it was her pride and joy. These were hard times and there was no cash for luxuries so the jug must have been a joy.
My Mum was very good at labelling things and thanks to her I now know when the jug was purchased. The label is getting a bit washed up now, but I haven’t got the heart to replace it until it is totally unreadable. It takes pride of place in my home and whilst it’s of little cash value it is irreplaceable to me. I find it wonderful that I still use with pleasure,Susannah’s lovely jug more that 80 years after she bought it.
I am currently suffering an invasion of step grandchildren (You’ve just gotta love them) so have had little time to craft other than knit a couple of hexipuffs! I am home alone today to have a bakeathon in preparation for tomorrow’s Colossal Cake sale in aid of Help for Heroes. More about that tomorrow. Today I have baked mincemeat slices, Fairy cakes and a Victoria sponge. Hopefully friends will turn up with more cake and dish wash hands.

Community Cafe


Community Cafe

This is a really busy week as I start a Collosal Cake Bake in readiness for next Saturdays Community Cafe. The cafe is in aid of “Help for Heroes” a worthy cause. I already have a coffee and walnut, chocolate sponge and bara brith in my freezer ready and willing to go. If I ask nicely friends will donate their cake and some will help with the washing up.
I’m going to do a few tray bakes as they cut up quite well and are very popular. I will let you know how much I make for the charity, how many cakes we have and how many cakes I eat!

Bara Brith


Bara Brith

Bara Brith is Welsh for Currant Bread and is a traditional fruit cake from Wales. This recipe is pretty much fool proof and was given to me by a friend from the WI (so it must be good).

Soak 1lb mixed fruit and 6 ounces brown sugar in half a pint of warm tea overnight.

Stir in 1teaspoon cinnamon and 2 tablespoons of marmalade, 1 beaten egg, 1 pound self raising flour and 1 teaspoon baking powder.

Divide into 2 well lined 1 pound loaf tins

Bake at 160 degrees for 50 minutes

This cake is fat free but you could butter if you wish! Put the kettle on and enjoy with a cup of tea!

Vintage stilts?


Vintage stilts?

When I was making the Ginger Cake mentioned in an earlier posting, I was whisked back in time to my childhood. OK it is quite a while ago-I told you that I am vintage!!
The object that transported me back in time was a tin of “Lyles Golden Syrup” Strange as it might seem my Mum used to save theses tins which are stronger than the usual can. She would wash them out and when she had two make me a pair of stilts. My Dad would use a hammer and awl to make two holes -one on each side at the top,below the lid rim. String was then threaded through one hole,across the tin top and through the other hole. The string was then knotted leaving the string a good length. The lid was firmly put on and voila a stilt. Two tins and away I would totter!
My foot would be on the tin lids with the string forming a handle. Holding a string in each hand I could now walk on the tins keeping them tight under each shoe! I wouldn’t dare to try it now as I’d probably break an ankle! Happy days!

Gingerbread and Flat Eden


Gingerbread and Flat Eden

I have been very busy making Gingerbread today as I am away with girlfriends this week end. We take cake with us so that we can indulge in luxury afternoon tea each day. This is a Mary Berry recipe. I love “all in one” cake recipes as they are so easy. This particular one is melted and mixed in a pan before putting into the oven. The final flourish is to stir crystallised ginger into the icing before applying it to the cooled cake. Yummy!

My step Grand daughter has been reading a book in class called ‘Flat Stanley”by Jeff Brown.Flat Stanley is accidentally squished when a bulletin board falls on him. Stanley is very flat but otherwise fine.Because he is flat he can travel in an envelope and goes to California for an adventure. Each pupil has made their own flat person and posted them on adventure. Flat Eden arrived this week and I have been tasked with photographing and recording her adventure with us. I have made a book of Flat Eden’s adventures and will post it back tomorrow. Job done! This picture is of Flat Eden with Benji who really wanted to chew her!

Work in Progress!



Hello this is a short introduction to what I hope ( know!) will become a regular,interesting and informative blog.

Noddfacrafts is a blog about the art of collecting, finding and re-using vintage treasures. It is also about everyday crafts including knitting,quilting,sewing and dreaming about what to do next!

My other blog aka damnvan1 is my first foray into the world of blogging and I have learnt so much on a very steep learning curve. It is now time to refine my blog and retain damnvan1 as a travel blog only. This means a NEW blog noddfacrafts which I hope to grow into crafting,vintiquing,make do and mending and hopefully interesting  ideas and discussion. I will always enjoy constructive criticism and comments.

I have included a picture today of “work in progress” a nearly finished quilt. I do have a lot of “nearly finished items” and one day I will make a supreme effort……

I will start a list of my simple pleasures, many of which don’t cost much money, mainly time.

* searching craft shops and car boots for lost gems.




*Vintage fairs


*Travel adventures (and camper vans)

*Baking -and sadly eating the results!

etc. etc. the list is very long so I will add and refine as I go.

Thank you for reading my new baby blog and I will watch up soon.