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Scarborough Sea Life Centre



Gorgeous Grand daughter and I stayed near Scarborough this week. We had an adventure that included a trip to Scarborough Sea Life Centre. The adventure started with the descision to go on thurchins,Jelly fish,e bus. We eventually found the bus stop and enjoyed the ride into Scarborough. When we arrived we were told that we needed another bus, which was OK when we eventually found the correct bus stop. Later in the day and another bus back into Scarborough when, pot the expense, we got a taxi back to the campsite!

The Sea Life Centre was a good afternoon out despite the fact that I can’t stand ( to the point of it nearly being a phobia) fish and sea creatures. There were fascinating sea creatures, urchins, turtles and sharks. There had been an obvious attempt to recreate the undersea world in huge tanks, tubes and glass tunnels.image

Despite fish having no “memory” and Jelly fish no hearts or brain, I couldn’t help feeling it was all a bit sad for the creatures and that they should be left in their natural habitat. OK if research or conservation or education are the buzz words surrounding the breeding programmes for these creatures but some of the inmates would be better left in the oceans. I felt this quite strongly when we watched the Penguins being fed.


I understand that I am VERY fortunate to have seen many of these creatures in the wild. I totally appreciate the fact that I have seen penguins in The Falklands and swam with Turtles on the Barrier reef, and not everyone is that lucky

Whilst this picture cannot be considered flattering, it makes me think of how a fish with a brain might feel in the Aquarium! Bring on Fish Freedom!!