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Bags of Stuff


imageI use these plastic see through bags as storage when home and away. I use them to store, carry small craft projects, plugs and electrical accessories, tent pegs and even sometimes what they are intended for, toiletries and make-up! They are perfect as you can see what is in them. They zip shut. They come in varying sizes but often three in a pack. I buy them from Marks and Spencer and Aldi but I’m sure the they can be found in many retail places. Oh and they are cheap, squashy and light weight. Now how’s that for an advertisement? Sometimes you just stumble across a really good idea.

Bargain Book and New Project


Bargain Book and New Project

I picked up a knitting pattern book in my local bargain supermarket (Aldi) today. Its cost was £2.99 which is less than I pay for a magazine and even less than I payed for a pattern of the Internet! That is another lovely project that I hope no WILL start next week.
This book contains many easyish patterns that inspire and teach various techniques.
I can’t start the next project (the Internet pattern one) until it get help from my friends at my craft group on Monday.