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Treasures re-found, re-used or re-cycled

Vintage Blanket


imageThis blanket is truly vintage. Now this is a secret but I KNOW it to be truly vintage because it was bought for me when I was a baby and I am vintage! Don’t tell anyone.

This blanket has kept me warm during Measels, Mumps and a Tonsilectomy. It has helped me through childhood illnesses and now is used in my Campervan AKA Damnvan1. I just adore the fact that my Mum repaired it many years ago and it’s still going strong. I covered my kids with it and still snuggle under in times of need and it was always called a Travel blanket. I wonder how many modern blankets will make “vintage”?

Brooches (again)


The previous post didn’t appear to have the text attached to it! Sorry! Why do WordPress alter the template for the blogging? I suppose it is to try and keep it up to date but for us non techies it does make life difficult!
These brooches are my small, very small collection of china brooches. One came in a satin lined box with the words “Capi-di- Monte Porcelain Jewellery handmade in Italy” on the inside. I now own three of these pretty brooches and tend to wear them all at the same time.
It is rare to find them un damaged as the ends of the petals and flowers tend to get chipped. But hey! I like them! I have picked these up for a few pence in charity shops but I suspect that they are not worth much more. I am sort of collecting them with the vague idea that if I had quite a few they might make an unusual trim or adornment of some kind. Who knows? I will just carry on wearing them on my jacket for now.
You can also find the same china flowers imagein tiny vases. Maybe this could be something else to collect……

Harris Tweed Treasure


imageHarris Tweed Treasure

Eldest Son called for help this week. Problem was how to cover an old pub stool with a length of Harris Tweed fabric. Harris Tweed is a quality product, beautiful wool fabric, hand woven in Scotland.Gorgeous!

We deliberated, discussed,and finally decided on the best way forward. The stool had been dismantled and the “orange” legs are to be stripped and waxed at a later date. We cut out a large circle of tween and the same of wadding. We eventually decided to run a gathering thread around the edge of the tweed and pull it up over the stool to fit the seat. We were careful to smooth out the sides with no tucks or pleats. The fabric was very pliable but solid and rich. Son then used a powered staple gun to fix the cover onto the seat. Great result!
A disc of fine hessian is to cover the raw edges underneath. Application of the legs, when they are ready, will give a delightful finish to a quality product. Ah well! Only 19 more to go!

Mothering Sunday


My Kitchen WindowMothering Sunday

This week end in the UK we celebrate Mothering Sunday. Sadly the tradition was hijacked by our American cousins ( sorry friends but true!) many years ago. It did not used to be the commercialised, gift giving, money making day that it has become. Rant over!
When I was a child and went to Sunday school, yes my parents did try, we used to go to church on this special day. Us children were all given a card by the vicar, which we then took home for our mothers. The cards usually had a religious picture or quotation on them. The card in the picture says:

Mothering Sunday is the fourth Sunday in Lent,
Let each think of his or her Mother
And all of our Universal Mother the Church.

And that’s it in a nut shell. Mothering Sunday was a day to celebrate and be grateful for the mother church and our own Mothers. Sadly this philosophy has got lost in time. The card with the quote on was given to me in 1959 and the picture card in1960. I am delighted to say that I have always and still do love my Mum. God Bless!

Grandmother,Father and Daughter Embroidered Pictures


Earrings again



I am sorry about the confused images on the previous blogs. The problem is I don’t know why or how I doubled up on the pictures. Not only that but I can’t remove the extra pictures! This blogging business is very enjoyable but learning to navigate around the blogs is labour intensive! I think that I’m a slow learner so watch this space. Maybe eventually I will get it right!
Today’s earrings are quite large, dangling Abalone Paua shell. I bought them one lazy Sunday on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands. They are quite fine shell but I wear them a lot so maybe they are sturdier than they look.

Jewellery, Junk, Earrings and Rings.



The BIG sort out has started. Well it’s quite small really as it’s a sort out of all my jewellery. Now don’t for one minute imagine the Crown Jewels. Most of my jewellery is of little or no cash value but of some sentimental value. It’s been heaped,knotted,mixed up and generally unloved for some time. I have collected it all together and purchased a door hanging storage organiser. 

I have just un knotted beads and chains and each necklace now sits in a separate pocket NOW no tangle. It was a delight to journey through my beads and necklaces. Many were gifts from friends, holiday souvenirs and charity shop finds. Some are truly vintage. I know this because my Mum bought them in the fifties and sixties, so I now their provenance.

I didn’t even start on my earrings. I have a month long project when each day I intend to wear a separate/different pair of earrings. I’m going to photograph them as I go along. This will provide a record of all my earrings and sort out the pairs,odd items and any broken items. Hopefully by the month end all my earrings will be stored in my hanging storage and easier to pair and find.


Really Vintage?


imageimageReally Vintage?

My sister and I took our lovely Mum to a local Garden centre for a trip out. Mum lives in a care home so any outing is a good one. We went to Bents Garden Centre as it is always dressed beautifully for Christmas, and we were not disappointed. They had fabulous trees each dressed by different members of staff. My favourite was the one in the picture. The owl was gorgeous.

There were also “rooms” decorated in lush furnishing. I really liked the iconic 70s with the orange paper,guitar and Ercol style furniture. However I must ask the question when does Vintage begin and end? I remember the 70s very well. My first lounge,when newly married, was a replica of this room. But I thought vintage was before then or does it just mean the recent past but closer than “antique”? The plot thickens.

We really had a great trip out with Mum complaining that she had spent no money. Forgetting that the wheel chair was nearly falling over with shopping bags full of purchases. One of the benefits of old elderly memory loss!

Book and Dec


imageimageBook and Dec

When we moved into our current cottage my Darling Daughter bought us a book as a housewarming gift. Whilst not truly vintage as it was printed in 1972, it is an interesting book to dip into. It is organised to have an entry for each day of the year about history,gardening,DIY,gardening,home maintenance and gardening. First problem -no garden. Next problem -no DIY know how, and final problem it’s the all American advice book-I’m British and live in Wales. However I love it and it makes me smile. Today’s advice was about aluminium doors freezing up- no aluminium doors but very interesting. I will visit this book again to learn of more helpful advice🇬🇧

I spent a few hours making hanging owls for my step Grand daughters this week. I had seen them on a blog but sorry I can’t remember which. They were quick and simple to make using felt,glue and buttons.🐇

Vintage stilts?


Vintage stilts?

When I was making the Ginger Cake mentioned in an earlier posting, I was whisked back in time to my childhood. OK it is quite a while ago-I told you that I am vintage!!
The object that transported me back in time was a tin of “Lyles Golden Syrup” Strange as it might seem my Mum used to save theses tins which are stronger than the usual can. She would wash them out and when she had two make me a pair of stilts. My Dad would use a hammer and awl to make two holes -one on each side at the top,below the lid rim. String was then threaded through one hole,across the tin top and through the other hole. The string was then knotted leaving the string a good length. The lid was firmly put on and voila a stilt. Two tins and away I would totter!
My foot would be on the tin lids with the string forming a handle. Holding a string in each hand I could now walk on the tins keeping them tight under each shoe! I wouldn’t dare to try it now as I’d probably break an ankle! Happy days!