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Textile Treasure Hunt


This Textile Treasure Hunt here in Varanasi India just keeps on giving. Today we visited silk weaving. This is carried out in the homes of local people in rural areas. I

am in a permanent state of shock, both culturally and dietary. The people are lovely and regard us as odd because many rural communities have not seen “white”faces before, especially the children.

The silk weaving is the main occupation and carried out by the men. It is a patriarchal society.

The silk produced is beautiful, colourful and hand woven. It is mainly produced for Saris, scarves and for dressmaking.

This morning we visited a Hindu village where the looms are hand driven just as they have been for hundreds of years. During the afternoon we went to a Muslim area of Varanasi where the looms are motor driven . We had the inevitable shopping opportunity where a beautiful silk scarf found its way into my bag!

just an example of some of the intricate weaving.

Super Sunday


imageToday was a really Super Sunday! You know what I mean, every now and then you have a really good day, and today I had a really good day! My group of girl friends were on the town celebrating. Our “on the town” consisted of a trip to Chester and the Grosvenor Hotel (poshest in town!) here we indulged in a special afternoon tea complete with Champagne.Mmmmmmm.

We had a three course delight consisting of super strawberries and clotted cream, suptious sandwiches, cream scones wIth strawberry jam and perfect pastries. Diet? What diet? We washed the feast down with the Champagne and finished off with tea and coffee of our choice. The whole meal was served with impeccable silver service. Oh! and a smile!


The reason for our treat was the special birthday of one of the girls. This was doubled by her surprise Christmas engagement which made the event a double celebration. Must say that I’m looking forward to the wedding later in the year.