Hippy Hippy Shake


Today is day 4 post op from a bilateral hip replacement surgery. In all honesty I could have gone home from hospital today but it’s all about confidence. Mobility and independence are the name of the game so I am on target to go home tomorrow.

Bed remote control, TV remote control mobile phone charger, note book, pen, hand cream are all essential items for ward life along with a good book, magazines, crutches, shoe horn and “helping hand” are also necessary. To name some of the detritus that am surrounded by essential for my surgical recovery.

2 responses

  1. Good decision Barbara. Slow and steady I think, no point rushing things and not getting a perfect result. Thinking of you. Xx


  2. Great news that you are coming home, remember anything you need or help in anyway just give me a all . Look forward to see you sprinting up the road to the White. Take care, best wishes  Irene and Colin