Practice Piece


Here is a practice piece that I did to play with Long Stitch. I learned a lot from this mini project. I decided to vary the length of the long stitch on the sky but I don’t like the result. It was meant to look more ” skyish” but with hindsight would have looked better with sky all one stitch length.

Whilst it was a canvas printed project from Twilleys of Stamford, I added my own variations. One change was the creamer underneath of the sheep on the right. It would have been better to do the whole sheep ( or more of the sheep) in the creamier white.

I also learnt to go up and down with the stitch on the reverse as well as the front. This technique produces a more even, padded effect on the front.

As I said it was a practice piece and worth the work to learn the lesson! I don’t usually like a practice sampler that is useless or not made into something useful! Have you any ideas what I can do with it?

2 responses

  1. Barbara I like your sheep. Why don’t you make it into a wee purse.
    We are just back from Canada cruise, so good but rather cold.
    Hope we meet up on another cruise soon.

    Happy crafting.
    Irene and Martin P


    • Hi Irene
      I’m delighted to hear from you. Have you done many cruises? We seem to be doing 3 or 4 a year. The only one booked at the moment is Capetown next Oct. but you never know. I hope you and Martin are well.
      I bought a static caravan in Criccieth last year and we are loving it. I also think the crafting has taken over my life! But good fun
      Kind regards