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Is it Christmas?


I’ve had a “Christmas cactus” for about forty five years! Yes! The same plant! I have written about it before but it is worthy of another mention. This plant is psychologically confused! It blooms pre Christmas prolifically. But the flowers have always gone by Christmas time.

It then goes on to pretend it’s an “Easter Cactus” and flowers again. But not only that it displays blooms during the Summer! It works so very hard for little or no attention. In fact this year it had a really hard time when I put it outside for a fresh air holiday. The poor plant got damaged (I do have a tiny garden/ok patio) and two or three branches were snapped off. Un deterred I stuck the broken branches into fresh compost and they started to flower!

These offspring have now been passed onto friends. The lady who gave me the original plant said not to buy plants for the house accept gifts of plants from others. You then fill your home with friends not plants! So true!

Thank you Wikipedia for these images:)


Schlumbergera is a small genus of cacti with six species found in the coastal mountains of south-eastern Brazil. Wikipedia
Scientific name:
Higher classification:
Did you know:
The optimal temperature for Christmas cacti is 68 degrees Fahrenheit. networx.com