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I Wouldn’t Have it Any Other Way!


Busy, busy, busy! A busy life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I never get to the end of my”to do” list ’cause as I tick something off I add more to the end! I am working towards a village craft fair on Saturday. It’s usually good fun, well attended and marks the start so the Christmas season for me.


I’ve also been on a mission to complete one or two of my Works in Progress which I will report on at a later date.


Vintage Cup Candles


More of the same this year!


imageimageimageI have started work making candles in vintage cups ready for a craft fair in a couple of weeks. I collect, hunt down or otherwise acquire vintage china cups all year round. Each year at this time I fill them with perfumed wax in readyness for Christmas fairs. Over the years the cups have got harder to find at reasonable prices. I suspect that this is because the charity shops have got more savvy on prices and vintage china is more in vogue. Still, it gives me something to hunt for!

I always use Soy wax as it burns with a delightful creamy colour, no soot and a clear bright flame. As well as being Eco friendly. The candle making is time consuming but good to do. This batch I have perfumed with Baby Lavender and my house smells delicious. I will also put some in my Etsy shop over…

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