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Cruising and Clocks


During my recent working craft cruise one of the “makes” was a wall clock. I have done this project on a previous cruise and it always proves popular. We used vintage fabrics, wadding, strong card for backing, embroidery hoops and of course, a clock mechanism. It does prove to be fiddly and the clock mechanism is temperamental. Although, that could be because they had travelled by mail all the way from China! The ladies who made the clocks were delighted with the outcome.


Lessons Learnt

Use round doilies to minimise cutting and bulk.

Make sure backing card is strong but cuttable.

Provide smaller embroidery hoops (but not too small)

This project will defiantly be repeated if I’m lucky enough to be asked onto another cruise!

Becoming the Elder


Interesting take on getting older (if we’re lucky)

Simple Living Over 50

Reaching a certain plateau in my 50’s is quickly leading to new thoughts on a bright future. I am noticing more grey hairs and the difficulty of maintaining a youthful appearance. Certainly the realization that I am getting too old to do the same things I did just 10 years ago can be disheartening, but it also makes me realize that I am slowly becoming the elder. Yes, as the Elder it is more acceptable to do things like slowing down or taking a nap in the middle of the day. In the eyes of the youth who search for inspiration, the elder has the opportunity to create enthusiasm through the telling of just one life story.

The elder should be the wise sage of the small circle of existence we currently live in.

As a new realized elder I anticipate good days to come as I near closer to…

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