Daily Archives: July 28, 2017

Mountains and Beaches


I’ve just had a great week’s holiday at Sis’s caravan in Snowdonia. We had multiple adventures starting with a trip on the Snowdonia Railway. We had to book to be sure of a seat but had to gamble on good weather. Many days of a year you can’t see the top of Snowdonia but we were lucky. Blue skies and sunshine. The journey is one hour up and one down with a thirty minute wait at the top. Just long enough to drink in the scenery and summit the peak!


We enjoyed a beach trip to Treaddur Bay and even got a little sun burned.


On a rainy day we visited Piggery Pottery where we spent the whole morning painting pots! They were blank plain pots of many designs and a rainbow of paints. We painted our chosen pots which were then varnished. Good creative fun. Great holiday. Happy family time.

I had to come home early as I’m off to Canada on a Cruise tomorrow! Such a hard life………