Spring, Crafting and countryside.


I finally looked inside the box that my new sewing machine came in and WOW there WAS a sewing machine in there! I’ve still not tried it out as I have been busy turning our spare room into a craft room. As I mentioned in a previous post Hubs did not want to do this but I used all my feminine wiles and we’re on the way to a craft room. Whey Hey! I have to say I did compromise proving negotiation and discussion do work.( Well I did most of the so called discussion)

I have nearly dismantled the hated futon and an urgent trip to the tip will sort the rest out. I have also been keenly scanning the Ikea web site for a suitable desk and even a chair.This room is going to become a hive of creativity and I might even use my new sewing machine.20170325_074141Early this morning I took Benji for a walk in our beautiful countryside. It was incredibly noisy with the dawn chorus of birds whipping up a tune and sheep and their lambs being moved to another field. Who ever said that the countryside was peaceful?How has your week been?

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  1. A craft room is worth its weight in gold both to you and to your husband who will have a much happier wife – surely that’s priceless? 😉


  2. Good on you mate ,nothing like having a craft room I would not be without it, only problem is when I finished swapping mine into the above mentioned room, hubby comes in and says what a great organised craft room , he tries to move in now and again to paint his carved birds, but is soon given the heave ho if I need to get in there enjoy yourself x


    • Hi Joy it’s seems to be a case of managing the change but it can be hard work! Anyhow this time in a couple of weeks it will be done ( but working around going away!) see you soon I hope