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The “Art” of Re-purposing A Vintage Sewing Pattern

The “Art” of Re-purposing A Vintage Sewing Pattern

I could open a pattern shop! But you never know…. I might just make something!


I’m so excited to share another great project from Lulu Spencer!  If you have a box of old pattern packages, or even newer ones; framing them is a an easy, affordable and creative way to give your  sewing or craft room walls a unique, colorful fashion make-over that’s fun and funky. If you have sewing pattern packages that are just sitting in a box; dig them out and give this a try!

sewing-pattern-art Re-purposed Framed Vintage Sewing Pattern

I love how she left the Simplicity label on the side visible and these 60’s pj’s are super cute! This project is simple to make and if you don’t have any pattern packages you can usually find vintage ones at most thrift stores. Remember – it doesn’t have to be a retro pattern; you might want to frame a pattern  of something special you’ve made or something you’ve never made but love just…

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