Daily Archives: August 14, 2016

My Entire Life!


I haven’t even mentioned my travel plans!



Well first let me say I hope that there is lots more to come!

As some of you know I have currently lost my crafting mojo but when it returns I have so many plans I will need to live another fifty years to complete them.

Plans that will soon become Works in Progress ( Hopefully)

Complete Christmas present cardigan – hopefully before Christmas.

Start and finish Christmas present quilt -hopefully before Christmas.

Crochet a ” Cupcake Blanket” -got the pattern just need the yarn.

Quilt a baby quilt – hopefully before a baby arrives.

Sew a jacket- not got pattern or fabric.

Knit a cotton sweater- got the pattern but not the yarn.

So as you can see I will be very busy when I find my craft mojo again. If anyone sees it please send it back to me!

Thankyou everyone who bothers to read my ramblings.

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