Daily Archives: July 21, 2016

Words of Wisdom ( or not!)


Words are very cathartic. I find the written word very therapeutic. A place to off load (or upload) my thoughts, feeling and ideas. That is why I enjoy blogging so much. I’m formulising the feelings and moving on. I enjoy the fact that someone, probably unknown to me and living on the other side of my World, may read these words. But actually I don’t mind if no-one is reading them as those words now in the form of a blog, have done their job for me!

Because I blog myself I also read other blogs. There is only so much reading time in a day so I find myself not buying many magazines. Now for a lifetime “magaholic” this is a real change in behaviour. I still buy the odd mag treat but blogging is saving me a lot of money.

I have recently vowed to only read or follow blogs that are either interesting or uplifting in some way. I am not allowing blogs that are maudelin or wallowing in self pity into my blog world and subsequently my life. No one needs this. I know that we all ( not least me) have life hiccups and in that I am happy to share and sympathise. I am glad to be a friend and have personally been overwhelmed with words of support. So thank you all near and far for words of wisdom, humour, interest and kindness.

On a fun note I will say good bye for now dear friends.