Textile Brooch


I might have mentioned ( just a few times?) that I am going on a cruise ship teaching crafts! This career change and next adventure is only a couple of weeks away so it has been heads down and fingers nimble to make the items to be demonstrated on board.

This explains the scarcity of recent blog posts. But I do have a lot to blog about and just need to find the space in my day!  Whoo Hoo!

We are nearly there with fabric cut and classes prepared. I intend to make a selection of textile brooches as one class. The problem has been how to present the various textiles in an interesting and exciting way. I have come up with the idea to make up “Inspirational Textile Packs”. These packs contain an interesting variety of textiles including lace pieces, delicate leather, colourful net, organza and gold thread or vintage buttons-plus much more. Hopefully these packs will inspire beginners and experts alike.



Here is the first of a few sample brooches. If you want to know more you will need to book on the cruise!


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