Making a Baby (not a real one!)


I’m sorry that I’ve not communicated with you this week dear friends. I have been particularly stressed with life events, as you do.

My lovely Mum has been in hospital for some time following a fall. Hospital visiting can be very stressful especially when she is so disorientated. The care home, where she has lived happily for the past four years, have refused to let her go back as they ” can no longer meet her needs”. This is after we were reassured a few months ago that she could live there until she died. The home, Holcroft Grange, CLS, Culcheth have seriously let her down. We are now searching for another more careing home whilst she sits sad and lonely in the corner of the hospital ward.

My brave soldier son has smashed his ankle this week. He’s deflecting all sympathy and awaiting a scan and a reconstruction. My first instinct was to dash the 200 miles and hug him better. I finally decided this was not what he would want and visited my Mum instead.

My third, and hopefully final trauma, was a panic phone call when Gorgeous Grandson fell downstairs. The dash to A and E revealled no damage and all was well! Phew!


I de stressed at home by making a baby doll for a project next weekend (more about that another time). She’s made from a sock and took me around 60 minutes to make. She’s not hungry as she’s stuffed with rice and she’s no trouble at all.


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  1. Hope for a solution soon for your mother. It’s sad and a bit weird how we can prolong people’s lives these days and then not bother taking care of them!


  2. So sorry to hear the care home won’t accept your mother back, although where I work isn’t a nursing home, we most defiantly try to care for our residents when their needs change by seeking outside help from Macmillan Nurses, Marie Curie, or we work in tandem with our local hospice, there are only very rare cases where a resident has to leave mainly due to severe mental deterioration that leads to risk of self harm or harm to others, I hope you find a solution to your crisis soon xx
    As for your de stressing crafting …she is brilliant I just love her 🙂


  3. Oh, good luck with your mum. Watching our parents age is such a difficult time, isn’t it. Perfect way to de-stress, making the sweet little babies. Hoping your son’s ankle heals quickly.

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  4. Oh sweety I so feel your pain. My lovely Mum died in hospital a few weeks ago and she had drilled in to us for the last twenty years that that was the last thing she wanted. Feel so guilty.

    Stay strong Barbara and keep knitting. Love this little gal up there….xxxxx