Daily Archives: December 31, 2015

To resolve or not to resolve?


I’m not normally one for making New Year Resolutions but this year I just might. Well actually I thought that I might declare January 2016 the month of the lists!

I intend to make a list every day of the whole month, yes that is 31 lists. The rule for the list making is that there are no rules. I want to write more as I enjoy the power of words, the psychology of writing, and the cathartic effect of putting thoughts and ideas into the written word.

I will not bore you too much dear reader. Many of these lists will need to be private. I will only publish a list if I feel that you may be vaguely interested. So watch this space!

In the mean time lovely readers I genuinely wish you a happy and peaceful 2016. Oh and lots of smiles along the way!