Hair Products



Most hairsyles seem to depend heavily on “products”. I’m not alone in using all the help I can muster to remain this gorgeous! You know the score shampoo, conditioner, mousse, gel, styling wax, starch! Yesterday I made a gross error. My hair was heading towards a “good hair day” when I grabbed the hairspray to finish off. OOPS! It was starch! The sort you use to spray linen to give it body. Think stiffness. I can guarantee that starch does keep a hairstyle in place- very in place! The problem is it’s a bit dull and when it rains the hair gets stiffer!

Aww well. Tomorrows, another potential good hair day.

2 responses

  1. We need a “funny” button. My granny told me when she was young and going to a dance, they used sugar water to make their hair stay stiff. And in those days I don’t think you took showers when you got home at night, so I can only imagine what a mess they were the morning after!