HOW much?


Twelve months ago I purchased some gorgeous yarn from Black Sheep Wools. It was Rowan Mohair Haze in a beautiful Spring green colour. Now at that time I really felt that I had spent far too much money on this yarn but I loved it. ( by the way the colour is much nicer than in the photo.)


I chose a pattern from 1952 which featured in “Knitting in Vogue” With a dolman sleeve.  Quite a break from the norm for me! As usual, because I jump from project to project, it has taken me nearly a year to complete – oh the shame!


I was inspired to finish this sweater when, a few weeks ago, I read an article on fashion in a Sunday supplement (You Magazine) There was a similar sweater ( not as nice a colour) featured and I couldn’t believe the price! It was £570!!! 


Who on Earth in their right mind would pay that for a sweater?

From then on I was so motivated and completed the aforementioned garment in record time. I am pleased with the end result and have decided that I didn’t spend too much on the yarn in the first place. Not only that but I was left with two unused balls of yarn. I took these back to the shop and the lovely ladies at Black Sheep wools refunded the money on the spare yarn. Now I certainly don’t feel as though I paid too much. Not only that but I will definitely be returning to Black Sheep wools.



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  1. Goodness me. £570?? Even if it’s handknit it looks like a totally plain sweater with no special attributes! Handknits can be around $500 easily if you account for the time it takes to knit them, but even then you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone to buy it from you.

    Your sweater looks marvelous though, worth every penny of that pretty yarn! Totally beats the ridiculously expensive sweater too. 😉