Daily Archives: October 23, 2015

HOW much?


Twelve months ago I purchased some gorgeous yarn from Black Sheep Wools. It was Rowan Mohair Haze in a beautiful Spring green colour. Now at that time I really felt that I had spent far too much money on this yarn but I loved it. ( by the way the colour is much nicer than in the photo.)


I chose a pattern from 1952 which featured in “Knitting in Vogue” With a dolman sleeve.  Quite a break from the norm for me! As usual, because I jump from project to project, it has taken me nearly a year to complete – oh the shame!


I was inspired to finish this sweater when, a few weeks ago, I read an article on fashion in a Sunday supplement (You Magazine) There was a similar sweater ( not as nice a colour) featured and I couldn’t believe the price! It was £570!!! 


Who on Earth in their right mind would pay that for a sweater?

From then on I was so motivated and completed the aforementioned garment in record time. I am pleased with the end result and have decided that I didn’t spend too much on the yarn in the first place. Not only that but I was left with two unused balls of yarn. I took these back to the shop and the lovely ladies at Black Sheep wools refunded the money on the spare yarn. Now I certainly don’t feel as though I paid too much. Not only that but I will definitely be returning to Black Sheep wools.