Daily Archives: September 12, 2015

Up Cycled Stool


This is an up cycled stool or should I say “cheered up stool?” It is rather worn and disheveled kitchen stool which I decided could do with a face lift. I was going to paint it white but ran out of time. So I gave the legs a light sand to remove some of the marks.

imageAs the top of the stool was beyond hope I crocheted a cover to give it a lift. The whole process was free as the wool came from my stash and only took one ball.

imageI am not a very good crocheter and it took 4 or 5 attempts to make a proper circle! I began with a loop and double crocheted in the round whilst increasing every sixth stitch then every seventh on the next row. Followed by every eight stitch on the next row etc. this I kept doing until the circle covered the stool plus a few extra rows down the sides. The final row I made holes through which to thread elastic. This enabled the cover to be stretched over the stool top and held securely in place. Then Hey Presto! New stool! Well cheered up stool!