A Day Out with Mum


imageThe garden centre where we had our day out is called “Bents” near Warrington. I had thought that I would buy another orchid to add to my collection ( of two! ) but it seemed silly when I am going away for a chunk of the summer, and would probably kill it with kindness anyhow!

One of the Garden centre displays but I won’t be cycling far on this bike!

imageThis particular Garden centre has a HUGE craft shop. It sells nearly everything that you could want from a crafting point of view. I was extremely good and kept my purse in my bag all the way round. It’s really nice taking Mum to these places as she immediately talks about what to make, or what she has made. She’s nearly 89 and forgets the recent past but is really good about the distant past! These outings are good for her as she can still tell me what to do! Some things never change.


Oh such lovely yarn! Gorgeous colours! Squidgy touchy textiles! Love it!

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