PhD and Dog Walking


imageI seem to have misplaced my crafty Mojo at the moment! I’m not sure where it is but I can’t seem to motivate myself to do anything crafty. So I took Benji dog for a walk whilst I mentally searched for the elusive Mojo. On this lovely walk near to my cottage I thought long and hard about all my PHd’s (projects half done). It took a few mental exercises to recall some long ago started projects but I wrote them down as soon as we got home from our walk. I’m still not certain that I have recalled them all but here goes:

1) Gorgeous green knitted dolman sleeved sweater from a 1952 pattern. This wool cost a fortune so I really must finish it.

2) Bee keepers quilt made from knitted hexipuffs. This blanket will take YEARS to finish but I could do with a new blanket so I must make an effort.

3) Secret Christmas present nearly done. This may be redirected to a worthy cause but we will see.

4) A patchwork quilt with a village theme/pattern. Not too much work required to complete so one big push would do it.

5) A quillow which just needs finishing touches.Vintage,upcycled,

6) Up cycled vintage jewellery roll. This is a prototype which I WILL finish next week.

7) A patchwork quilt that only needs the binding and a little quilting.

8) Traditional pieced paper patchwork quilt with not much completed.

9) Fabric for a flowery dress but hasn’t met the pattern or seen the sewing machine yet!

10) A cut out stretchy skirt for summer which would take two hours max to finish but….

I am very good and really enjoy starting a project but rubbish at completing -obviously. I am sure that there are multiple other projects lurking in my project box somewhere. Maybe one day soon I will make a supreme effort but in the meantime I will just take Benji dog for another walk.

6 responses

  1. When that happens to me I think maybe some really good ideas are percolating and the motivation is needing a little time to build up. Beautiful picture!


  2. Beautiful dog! I see why he wins out over the craft projects! It’s all good. It is definitely nice to finish projects and have the finished product, but there is good even in just the making, the planning and working at it, even if it doesn’t get done. If any of these projects just are no longer your style, donate them and get them out of your hair. It is not a loss, you had the enjoyment of planning and working on them. I suspect not everyone would agree with this philosophy, in fact, in the past, I wouldn’t have. I have since read a book by a crafter who really encouraged getting rid of the extraneous, but continuing to look for the project that speaks to one. Fortunately, I now am able to whittle down what my “starts” are to things that I will really be willing and able to finish.


  3. Is part of your problem that the weather is suddenly nicer and you feel more inclined to be outdoors? I know that, since our winter was long and cold, I am looking for any excuse to enjoy the sunshine, even if that means I get no crafting done!