Daily Archives: April 16, 2015

Forest and Gruffalo


I had a great day out in Delamere Forest yesterday with handsome Grandson.

The Forests of Mara and Mondrem were adjacent medieval forests in Cheshire, England, which in the 11th century extended to over 60 square miles (160 km2), stretching from the Mersey in the north almost to Nantwich in the south, and from the Gowy in the west to the Weaver in the east. Mara and Mondrem were a hunting forest of the Norman Earls of Chester, established soon after 1071 by the first earl, Hugh d’Avranches. They might earlier have been an Anglo-Saxon hunting forest. Game included wild boar, and red, fallow and roe deer. What was left of the original Medieval forest became known as Delamere Forest.

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It it seems amazing to think that Wild Boar and Deer were hunted in this forest nearly 1000 years ago. Today children build dens and throw sticks for dogs, enjoy the fresh air and run happily through the trees. They might even find a Gruffalo. Happy times.