My Return to Sewing Project!


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Ive finally finished my ” return to sewing” project! Yippee! I suppose that it is really a return to dressmaking project. I’ve continued to sew throughout my adult life but it had been many years since I’d made a garment for myself! I don’t know why, except that clothes can be bought quite cheaply and I can usually find a good fit. There is NOTHING to compare to completing something to wear for yourself (and being pleased with the result).

This skirt has taken me an age to make. I have prevaricated, hesitated, hummed and hawed and generally been frightened to give it a go. But I’ve finished it and it fits! I didn’t choose very sensibly for a new project. I bought a Burda pattern with unfamiliar American sizing, so more or less guessed the size to make. I naively chose a woollen fabric with a plaid pattern requiring pattern matching, and I shoud have lined it but didn’t bother. I will wear it with a satin and lace underskirt to give it some foundation.

Well the World is my oyster now! I am planning to sew more! I hope to make a summer skirt but I will let you know!

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  1. I hadn’t sewed for myself in twenty years, and made a commitment last year to start again. I have had a ton of fun doing it, and continually have news clothes. I hope you will continue sewing for yourself and enjoy the journey!


  2. Q – The skirt is lovely, you need to model it for us! I had to chuckle at your comment, “unfamiliar American sizing”. That’s how I feel when faced with shoe sizing from Europe, 30, 35, 40? What the heck? LOL!