Daily Archives: January 4, 2015

Lost and Found



On Christmas Day I was frantic trying to find two missing Christmas Presents. They seemed to have disappeared off the face of the Earth. I was particularly worried as one was a gift voucher and could  so easily have been thrown out with paper rubbish. I had a little time to find them as the prospective recipients were not due to visit until the next day but I searched the whole house!

This year we went out for Christmas dinner with my Little Sis and Lovely Mum. I was telling Little Sis about the saga of the lost gifts when she mentioned that one of her elderly clients ( she’s a hairdresser) always prayed to St Anthony when items were lost. It seems that St Anthony of Padua is famed in the world of saints, as having the special power of restoring lost things. Wow! I quickly sent up a prayer to St Anthony to help find the missing gifts.

Before the puddings arrived for our dinner I nipped out to get Mums Christmas present from the car. This gift was a shawl that I had knitted as mentioned in previous posts. I had wrapped the shawl in a Christmas gift bag and proudly helped Mum to try it on ( shawl not bag!) low and behold at the bottom of the gift bag were the two missing gifts. St Anthony had worked very quickly and ensured me a stress free Christmas afternoon! Thank you St Anthony!

ps St Anthony has just worked his magic again and I have found a ring that had been missing for two weeks. St Anthony  lived from 1193 until 1231 so I reckon he must be responsible for finding thousands of missing items!

imageMums shawl. Lovingly knit by yours truly!