Daily Archives: December 10, 2014

School Nativity Play


Gorgeous Grandson starred in his school Nativity play last night. The location was the church to which the school is attached. This is a lovely, large, fairly old building with beautiful stained glass windows and lots of space. Space was needed to accommodate all the children, parents, carers and teachers. Gorgeous Grandson starred as a shepherd wearing the obligatory tea towel head dress, and for some reason, a crown. The children enjoyed performing the traditional Christmas story. The Christmas Carol, Away in a Manger, brought a tear to my eye, and the highlight was when the three “camels” galloped down the church aisle with the three “kings” on their backs!

The best and most credit worthy thing about this presentation was that there is a child in that class who is profoundly deaf. For this reason the whole Nativity was not only narrated and sung by the children but signed in deaf sign language throughout. The children accept that sign language is part of their lives and all can use it to a certain extent. The inclusivity for the deaf child is a great thing and full credit to all of the teachers at that school.

It goes without saying that the star of the show from my point of view was Gorgeous Grandson!