It all started because I am going away with girlfriends this next weekend. We’ve been going away twice a year for the last 16 years. The formula works. We rub along together each with their own tasks be it driving, shopping or washing dishes. We enjoy each other’s company, oh and we enjoy copious amounts of wine and chocolate. For the past many years I have taken photographs, lots of photographs. In my wisdom I decided to gather together all the past pictures of our group and maybe sort them out and have a giggle whilst we’re away. I didn’t realise (naively) how many various locations these pictures were in or how many there are. To get to the point this is why I am surrounded with piles of old pics. They go back to the late 1940s and are a fantastic social history of my family and many are truly vintage.

The big question is what am I to do with them all? I have started by throwing out all those pictures of waterfalls in locations I can’t remember, and unforgettable sunsets that I’ve forgotten about. I’ve sorted a few to pass onto daughter. I am thinking that I might make an album just of my Mum and Dad. I have spent the afternoon what I can only call wallowing in nostalgia! ( and I’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg)

The collection for our girly weekend has grown, but sadly the last 5 years or so are all digital images and not prints. I think that this is really sad as how often do you trawl back and enjoy digital pictures? Bring back old fashioned film I say or at the very least print the best off. After all the young generation will not have a biscuit tin full of pics to enjoy on dark evenings in the winter.

I’ve got a couple more days to continue seeking out our “girly weekend” pictures. But I’ve also got to make a Lemon Drizzle cake as a contribution to our afternoon teas, pack, get hair done, clean out my car (urgent) and leave Hubs ready meals in the fridge. ( The last task is a joke!) if you’d like to know we are off to Chatsworth House Christmas Fair -great joy. We are staying in a lovely cottage with a hot tub. There might be one or two photo opportunities!

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  1. I love looking at photos, old and new. I went digital 12 years ago and have all my best photos printed in books. This was because my sister had gone digital a couple of years before me and it drove me mad that we never saw any holiday snaps and birthday picks.
    A way to preserve your old photos are to take photos of them and them have them printed into books.
    I did it with some of my parents and they’ve turned out really well.
    When there’s loads and loads you don’t need to bother editing them unless they’re particularly special. The books take up very little space and can be filled with 100’s of photos.

    Enjoy your weekend!!


  2. My 16 year old has inherited my father’s state-of-the-art (for then) camera. It takes film and we have discovered a laboratory 2 minutes WALK away that develops for around the price of a digital print!!! She is addicted, but has learned the hard way that you can’t delete awful pics and start over 🙂