Marmalade making.


image imageToday I have been making Marmalade! OK so I cheated a little and used tinned, ready prepared fruit. But I did cook it and sterilise the jars, and add sugar, and wipe up all the sticky mess! I’m pleased to report that it has turned out really good. I have this on good authority from Hubs who is a marmalade expert. I now feel like a good “House wife” well the bathroom wants cleaning and I hardly ever iron. You can’t win ’em all!

I also visited my Sis who has been real sick and in hospital for some time. Fortunately she now seems to be on the mend. Thank goodness for modern, Medical science. Perhaps I should take her some Marmalade.

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I live in a small cottage in the Clwydian hills of North Wales. I left a career in Radiology management to pursue a country life of crafts, vintiquing, and wine tasting. I adore to travel but love to come home. I have a great husband and three fantastic children with three gorgeous grand children. Life is good but I believe it is also what you make it. My current mantra is "adventure before dementia"

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  1. Cleaning the mess is sooo much more difficult than first appears so congratulations on you fruitful labours, best wishes for you sis, after medical science marmalade is a close second 🙂

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