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Blogger of the Month!


imageGreat happiness! I have been awarded Blogger of the month for September 2014 by Black Sheep Wools. Go to http://www.blacksheepwools.com this is a great barn/shop to browse and maybe buy! They have a cafe for sustenance and an on line service. Black Sheep also visit many of the craft shows. In fact I spent quite a lot of time on their stall  at the Manchester Craft show recently.

I will up date you on this award later next week when I hope to pay them a visit.

I’ve had a heck of a week whilst Hubs has been away. Apart from walking Benji dog three times a day and hospital trips with my Sis nearly every day all is well! Oh and I cooked a dinner party for eight girl friends last night- whilst the Hubs away the girls will play! These friends are all from my village. We are a diverse group of women with multiple hobbies and very different lives. When we get together we all get on and don’t stop talking ( except when eating). We call ourselves “The Covan” and our next dinner party is on Halloween for which we will all be appropriately dressed. Must dig out that witches pattern for my outfit.


Smoked Applewood Cheese & Sage Sausage Plait


This would be great for a picnic💃

Homemade With Mess

With the nights getting darker and Summer officially on its way out, a sausage plait is the perfect recipe for this time of year. Not only is it comforting, hearty and delicious, but if you are lucky enough to catch a few rays of sunshine then this makes great picnic food when cold. These days we are fortunate to be spoilt for choice when it comes to super market sausages, as they are regularly stocked with some really fab quality and affordable varieties. Because of this, my top-tip when making sausage plait would be to buy some decent quality sausages rather than a pack of sausage meat, which I often find can be a little cheap and flavourless. I used pork and apple sausages for this recipe, and they worked a treat!

return 005

Serves 6

  • 450g sausage meat – I used pork and apple sausages, just squeezed out the meat from…

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