Was This A Mistake?


image imageIn my wisdom I decided to check out how far along I have got with my “Bee Keepers Quilt”. Well! All I can say is not very far! This is going to take me YEARS! I will still be blogging about these darn Hexipuffs in years to come. Rather than try to do a bed quilt I think it will end up as a lap quilt. Small but perfectly formed. The problem is that I am definately a planner and a starter not a complete finisher. But Hey! So what? I’m not going to set the knitting world on fire with my bamboo needles but what fun I will have starting all those projects. You never know, but sometimes I might finish one of my multiple UFOs and how good will I feel then?

so maybe my “quilt” isn’t a mistake I will finish it one day!

5 responses

  1. It’s great! Hexipuffs are so cute! I know exactly what you mean – I started knitting a bed quilt a year ago, and it just takes so long! I wonder when I will finish mine?
    I love your quilt. Planning and starting is definitely a lot more fun than finishing, isn’t it? I recently started knitting tiny doll clothes – it’s really fun and you can finish things in a few days! That’s more my time frame, because you get to start new stuff all the time!
    😀 Love Miranda xxx