Daily Archives: August 13, 2014

Apple Crumbling


image image image imageDon’t children just love baking? I have had no time to craft, knit, sew or any blogging. This is due to the Summer break, child care commitments and holiday trips. Now I know why so many bloggers take an August blogging break! Today step Grand daughter and I found ourselves home alone. As I had acquired some baking apples we decided to go for the crumble option. She got her hands in there and we played the “Great British Bake Off.” We made so much crumble the spare went into the freezer.. The apple crumble bubbled and turned golden in the oven. (Don’t look at the state of oven I’ve certainly no time to clean it!) The crumble was delicious with ice cream. The kitchen was a happy mess. Step Grandchild was fully occupied. Job done!