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Sewing by candle light


imageThis image was produced by the Craft Council and shows two Welsh ladies embroidering what I think is a bed cover.

I have enjoyed a book by Jen Jones titled “Welsh Quilts” which explains the history and background to the production of Welsh Quilts. Jen is a prolific collector and dealer in Welsh Quilts and has opened a Museum and shop in Lampeter, Wales. http://www.welshquilts.com Well worth a visit or even a detour into rural Wales.

In the book Jen describes itinerant quilters who travel from farm to farm making quilts for the farmers wife in under two weeks, earning roughly one pound. The quilter often sewed alone or had an apprentice. This girl was usually a farmer’s daughter for whom they would pay two pounds. She would travel with the quilter for a year whilst learning the craft. 

The Royal Industries Bureau created and supported craft enterprises in Rural Wales in 1928. In areas of borderline poverty this project provided employment for rural women hand stitching hundreds of quilts. These quilts of very high quality were exported to Cardiff and London for the aristocracy to purchase. This continued until the Second World War.

Welsh quilts provide significant cultural history and are treasured,collected and enjoyed around the World.

Thanks to Jen Jones http://www.welshquilts.com