Daily Archives: August 6, 2014

Eighty eight not out!


imageLast week was my Mums 88th birthday. Sis and I took her to Blackpool for a few days and bought afternoon tea in the Ballroom of Blackpool Tower. I’ve blogged about this before but it is worth a mention again. The tea was great but I’m afraid that we had already attacked the sandwiches when I took the picture. You can see the beautiful dance floor that is World known in Ballroom circles. There were a lot of couples enjoying the organ music. In fact it made me want to learn to dance! 

Sis, Mum and I enjoyed admiring the dresses and shoes, specially worn to dance in. There were old couples,young people,Grandparents teaching Grandchildren to dance. There was waltzing, jiving,Samba, Military Two step and many more dances that I couldn’t name never mind dance.

We had a great day and, most importantly, Mum enjoyed her 88th birthday.