Daily Archives: August 5, 2014

English Strawberries


imageFirstly let me apologise for not blogging recently I have been extremely busy (as usual) and couldn’t find my blog ability. Well I’m here and away we go!

I have discovered the very best way to hull strawberries. By the way, there are no strawberries as good as freshly picked English strawberries. Sorry all those cosmopolitan readers but it’s true.  All you need is a Drinking straw. I used one of those wider ones that you get with a frappe – iced drink- from Costa Coffee etc.We did buy the drinks so had no guilt about recycling the straws at home! Smaller straws will work just as well.Hold the strawberries as in the picture. Position the straw at the pointy end and gently push. Voila! The hull is pushed out complete with the green top. They look like mini palm trees! Wash, add cream and yum!

This top tip has come complements of my sister. Thanks sis!