imageYet again the text got separated and lost from the picture in my last blog. I MUST try harder!

The market that I had visited was Bury, Lancashire. The market is massive but I was hampered by very heavy rain. However, I managed to find some gorgeous yarn to add to my stash but hopefully I will get to knit that sometime soon. Look out for a silver grey Merino wool!

Today I have been working on a fabric bag that I bought in Cornwall.I hope to complete this week as I reallllly need to finish some of my UFOs!

How can anyone (especially me) have so many sewing threads but never ever have the colour I want? I have eight navy blue bobbins and at least ten white/beige! I know that a mid grey thread will blend with many colours when sewing so I guess that I will stock up on that. Some of my bobbins of cotton are really old as they belonged to my Mum and Nanna. Some of them are wooden bobbins and I still use them (even though I’ve never got the right colour!)

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  1. I can identify the old wooden bobbins, I also have some of my Mum’s, and gran’s, they are all so smooth with all the use over the year’s.