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Tweed and some Rustic Charm

Tweed and some Rustic Charm

🌞interesting that this article is not from Scotland the land of tweed💃

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Tweed fabric and tweed yarn. Two different textiles, made in the same way.

Just mention the word tweed and it conjures up images of English gentleman hunting, fishing and doing such- like manly things. Have you heard of  Cheviot Tweed, Shetland Tweed, Gamekeeper Tweed, Sporting Tweed, Thorn proof Tweed or Geographically named Tweed?  There is an interesting article on tweed fabric. How it is made, some history and the men who wear it, over here.

What’s the difference between ‘regular’ yarn and tweed yarn?

Tweed yarn 1

In layman’s terms, generally, regular yarn is spun first and then dyed. The interesting part about the creation of tweed yarn is that the fleece is dyed first and then all the different fleece colours are put together in a kind of recipe and then all mixed up in a kind of mixing bowl and then spun. This is what gives it its flecky, speckled…

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