Back to reality (Whatever that is!)


Let me start by apologising to anyone who follows this blog because of its so called craft, vintage content! It’s not easy to be very creative in a campervan and we’ve no space for many vintage finds. Damnvan1, Hubs, Benji and I have arrived back home after three glorious weeks in Devon and Cornwall. The washing is done and Damnvan1 put to bed in the barn, for now.
The picture is of my new work in progress. I vow that it will not remain unfinished for long as I am prone to do. There WILL be a picture of the finished project next week.

Since returning I have been overwhelmed with the desire to Spring clean. This doesn’t happen too often fortunately. This morning I decided to wash some embroidered cushion covers that I had bought from IKEA some time ago. I forgot that they are feather filled and when I took the covers off there was a feather storm all over my recently cleaned lounge. Still it was clean mess not like the mess from black leading the fire stove yesterday. Happy days!gallery]

By the way does anyone know how to remove black mould from vintage linen and indeed can you remove it?

4 responses

  1. When all else fails with vintage linens, I put Biz (a powdered laundry detergent) and Cascade (a powdered dish detergent) in a bucket with hot, hot water and let the linens soak for a couple days. I use quite a lot of both products, which makes a lot of rinsing necessary. If the linens are sturdy, you can use your washing machine. This might work!


  2. I’ve just had to hit the follow button the words vintage and craft made my heart leap, so sorry to hear that the desire to spring clean overtook you, be brave and soldier on it should pass soon,