Walking to Ilfracombe


Walking to Ilfracombe

We decided to walk into Ilfracombe on a lovely sunny day. After we had negotiated a narrow, busy lane from the camp site in Damage Barton, we joined the cycle route C27 into Ilfracombe. This was along a disused railway line, tarmaced,and fairly flat. (Thank you Dr Beeching!) Benji so enjoyed the walk of about 5 miles. The wild flowers were stunning and the scenery delightful. I did wonder how lovely the rail journey would have been had the rail service remained open

Dr Beeching produced a government report in 1963 which resulted in the closure of most if not all, of the rural railways and stations in Great Britain. There is great debate as to the wisdom of this but the infrastructure of that time did not support the modernisation from steam to electric. Come back steam I say!!
I must add that I did cheat and get the bus back!


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