World War One in Damage Barton


World War One in Damage Barton

We travelled down to Devon in Damnvan1 to spend a few weeks exploring Devon and Cornwall. Yippee !!
Our first stop was to be in North Devon on a fantastic Caravan Club site called Damage Barton (what a great name!) the site was really good. When we arrived the first thing we did was to attend a coffee morning at the farm house. A beautiful house in an idyllic spot. They were raising funds for a local church flower festival. The money was to arrange a flower display for every local fallen soldier in the Great War. As this was the 6th June it was very thoughtful and sad. It was also such a nice thought that these young men and boys were to be remembered probably long after their families have also passed on, in such a beautiful way. Lest we forget….


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  1. You are having a great time by the sound of things, firstly I am really into the commemoration of the world war. My tapestry group stitch in time are doing a panel for the commemoration so interesting check our web site out Eportstitchintime it is on facebook our work is on there. Our little Grandson Jamie Joseph arrived last Sat morning 7lbs 1 oz . Continue enjoying your adventures love from us both xx