Victorian Bed Cover


Victorian Bed Cover
This bed cover is hand-made with squares of embroidery sewn together using machine-made lace. It has a delightful border of flowers embroidered in mainly chain stitch. The bed cover is large enough for a double bed. I suspect it was made more as a cover for dust? As it is made from linen and certainly offers no warmth. Whilst I am not certain of its history I do know something of its provenance. It came from a house in Southsea near Portsmouth Hampshire about thirty years ago.I am reasonably certain that it was made in the very early 1900s
There is a larger central square embroidered with the initials “CMJ” or is it “CMT”? I can’t find the name of the femail who made this lovely article, but I will keep searching.
If anyone can shed anymore light on this cover I would be delighted to hear from you.

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