Why Knit Socks?


I always wondered why ANYONE would knit socks! I am using sock yarn to knit my Hexipuffs, so for the love of yarn………

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Beautiful examples of Turkish wedding socks.

We would love to write a history of the ‘humble sock’ but so many fantastic books have been written on the subject that we thought we would approach this blog post from a whole different angle. Keep reading…

Since the advent of the Internet, sock knitting has taken on cult status. A quick search under sock groups in Ravelry reveal a staggering 18 pages with 857 matches. The group with the highest membership, Sock Knitter’s Anonymous, boasts 17845 members. Makes you think, doesn’t it?
Really, what is there left to say on the subject? Except this: We have found a sock pattern that has been written in Rhyme. We thought the journey of embarking on this ‘recipe’ would be a whole heap of fun.
If you do complete a pair of socks using this rhyme, please share it with us on Facebook. You…

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