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Failure to plan is planning to fail!


Failure to plan is planning to fail!

I spend far too much time thinking, dreaming and planning all of the dozens of projects that I am definitely going to create and make. If I am honest I do not spend much time actually doing so I am going to adopt the J F D I philosophy.(Just F**** ing Do It)
Now I’m not really prevaricating, but on this road trip I don’t have my sewing machine with me as we are in a campervan. I have knit one, yes one mini hexipuff-see earlier blog-which is nothing in the scheme of life plans so I bought a magazine. I know! This is back to the dreaming,inspiration and going to do! I AM going to sew myself a summer dress when we get home. This also gives me the excuse to search out some glorious fabric. The magazine contained a simple dress pattern which is hopefully, my way back to dress making. I have done lots in the past including wedding dress, evening dresses and child clothes, but I am a bit rusty.
My confidence has been somewhat restored by reading sewing blogs,watching TV programmes ie Great British Sewing Bee and You Tube. Where else can you learn to insert an invisible zip or apply a neat collar? Oh and by the way the magazine in question is Prima.
So watch this space and maybe I won’t only day dream!
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