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I always thought every adult women owned a Button Box AKA Button stash! I am amazed to learn that even my own sister does/did not own a button stash! How amazing is that? I did a straw poll of some of the carers in Mums home and quickly realised that I am in the minority treasuring a large collection of odd buttons and stuff. I am totally disillusioned but have quickly rectified the situation with the previously mentioned sister. I have shared my stash with her! How good am I! Our stashes consist of a lifetime collection of buttons and odd notions. There are buttons our Mum sewed on my childrens knitted jumpers that I cut off before giving away! There are buttons I removed from old cardigans and coats before sending to jumble sales ( you never hear of jumble sales now do you?) There are buttons that I purchased from craft shops just because I could and there are buttons that previously belonged to our Mum. In fact I used to remove zips to re use before junking skirts etc. how cool is that? I must say that I now feel very kind and holy to have ensured that my sister will have a button stash for the rest of her life. Sibling love!!

I have included a picture of earrings days 13,14,15,16,17and 18. The red rectangles are made from paper. The purple tear drops are made from coconut wood from Australia and the black and silver baubles are Cloisonné from China.

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  1. I have a large biscuit tin fill of buttons some inherited that must go back 60 years or more and I add to them all the time, when I buy something new that has the little plastic bag attached with spare buttons beads or sequins I just add them to my box but I still cut buttons off things I am throwing out. So you are not alone.


    • Great I was beginning to think that I was the only one! I also cut of the shoulder ribbons from inside sweaters and save those! Not sure what for!