More Apologies


More Apologies

OK so I published this photo yesterday! Yet again I have messed up. For some reason known only to Cyber space I “lost” the part of the blog where I told you about the sweater. Sorry!

This is a vintage sweater of mine. I know that it’s vintage ’cause I knit it in the early 80s. I think that I was a better knitter then than now. It’s amazing what a 30 year break can do to your brain. I’m just pleased that after 30 plus years it still fits.

Anyhow I’m full on crafting now, along with grand child minding,walking the dog, visiting my aged Mum oh and actually working one day a week

I’m currently running two knitting projects side by side not to mention all the projects in my head! I will up date you when there’s something to show and tell.

Anyhow I must try harder with this Internet blogging thingy! I love blogging just not very good at it.


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