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A Whale of a Time


A Whale of a Time

Finally,it’s finished! I completed the cushion for my Grandson’s birthday. For some reason, only known to him,he wanted a whale themed fifth birthday, so whale it is.
I traced the motives of whale, starfishes and fish onto heat and bond, which I ironed onto appropriate fabric,and then ironed the fabric onto the background. I then blanket stitched around each “Creature” to hold them in place. I added buttons for eyes and glitter glue to highlite and Voila! Themed cushion.
My first finished craft project of 2014!
I now have to decide what to do next. It really ought to be a completion project not something new, but we will see.

My Vintage Dressing Table


My Vintage Dressing Table

This is my vintage dressing table. My parents bought it for me in the 1950’s and I felt ever so grown up. It has had various reincarnations over many years. The curtains have been replaced altering the colour scheme as fashion changed. It currently stands in my guest bedroom and I think is very cute. It is a kidney shape with the curtains hiding two deep drawers. There is a glass top and triple mirrors. The mirrors angle in various directions which enabled me to check the back of my back combed “bee hive” in the late 60’s.Because we have been re painting this room the table has enjoyed a re fresh with newly laundered curtains and polished glass. The dressing table is in perfect condition, but probably not worth a lot of money. I wouldn’t sell it for the world as I have admired my changing image in the mirror for far too long!
I’ll hopefully be back to blogging about crafts next time I’m here. I have been very busy crafting and even busier dreaming of what to do.

Way Cool Homemade Journal


I MUST go on a charity shop trawl!


When we were kids, our mom often bought us books published by the Whitman Company of Racine, WI. Some were classics, like Fifty Famous Fairy Tales or Little Women (which I read over and over again, wanting to be Jo when I grew up and secretly hoping that maybe . . . this time . . . Beth wouldn’t die). Others were based on popular fictional characters or real-life singers and actors. I still have a few of them, and now I have a treasure from my sister Susan, who found this journal made from the cover of a Donna Parker book that we used to have and filled with blank paper. I LOVE it! ♥

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Vintage Textile Stash


Vintage Textile Stash

The sort through my stash of vintage (and not so vintage) textiles continues. My collection mainly consists of old lace and linens. I have numerous doilies, cloths, cushion covers and tablecloths. Today I carefully ironed this lovely, truly vintage tray cloth to sit on my new vintage pine box. It is quite fragile with a very worn centre. Best of all there is a laundry number embroidered in the corner in red. Just imagine the days that this was necessary! This is living history and I’m delighted to use and love such a gorgeous item.

Vintage box


imageVintage box

Following my recent blog on the lovely pine chest that my Son and Daughter in law gave me for Christmas I decided to investigate another vintage box that I have. What a delight this box is known as the Ditty Box. I always “Knew” this box as the Ditty Box and used to sit on it as a stool when I was a child. It’s not very big and I currently store notions in it! (Great word notions).
Today I googled the words Ditty Box and was delighted to learn that a Ditty Box was supplied to seamen during the First World War to store their personal items, especially letters. They were also issued with a kit bag to store their bedding etc.
My box has a label inside the lid which says”Naval Ditty Box Property of Peter S.Kennedy H.M.S. Malaya 1918″ This Seaman was my GrandFather and would have been seventeen at the time. My father (perhaps unfortunately ) restored this box some years ago. My Dad used to varnish anything that stood still! On reflection I think I love this box even more because my Dad bothered to varnished it,

Bubblegum and Mum


imageimageMy lovely Mother lives in a Care Home where she is really well looked after and very happy. When I visit I often take my current craft project to show and discuss with her. Mother and Grandmother were my “craft” inspiration when I was a child so we have lots to talk about. This project is my ongoing secret creation. More of this in a week or so!
I also did some child care today, collecting grandson from school and, him giving me Internet lessons. It’s amazing how you can learn from children! We also had a great bubblegum blowing competition which he won!

Special Stash and Goldwork



Firstly, I love the journal idea that I re blogged earlier today. I can’t start one just yet but I might keep my eye open when trawling through charity shops. Something else to seek and search for! Thanks to Sarah at The Thrift Store Crafter for the original blog🙋
Whilst continuing to “sort the stash” I came across a box of beads and sequins that had belonged to my Grandmother, Nanna Amy. This lady was my original inspiration for sewing and knitting. She was fond of embroidery and loved Crinoline ladies that were the fashion in the 1950s and 60s. Along with the box of beads was a picture of a galleon which she made in the late 60s. These treasures are lovely and hold great memories money can’t buy.
Maybe something that I make will last a long time and become someone’s treasure in years to come.

New Year’s Resolution to Journal: Step 1, Make a Journal


Thrift Store Crafter

Hello!  I hope everyone is coming off of a grand weekend.  Mine was wonderful, though too short, as always.

As I mentioned in my last post, the one thing I really want to do in 2014 is journal my creative life.  In order to do that, I’ll need a journal, right?  So I set off this weekend to make one.

I’d like to take credit for the idea of using an old children’s book for the cover, but that belongs to Patty of Radish Blossoms whose work I’m inspired by.  I added the frame with the year because the frame literally fell out of the closet at my feet.  I figured it was a sign that it was a time to use it.

I am forever buying old books at thrift stores for their crafting potential so I was ready to go with this project.  Honestly, I could probably make…

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Sort that Stash!


imageSort that Stash!

At last! Normal crafting service is resumed. After the lull, post Christmas lethargy, lazy times I have finally got my craft mojo back! One of my Christmas presents was a beautiful, vintage pine box from my son and daughter in law. It is stripped pine and quite large. My daughter in law has waxed the lid to a beautiful finish. The chest is about to become a new home for my stash of “stuff”. I have had a great time sorting through my stash of fabric, wool, and unfinished items. I have remembered projects, refound gorgeous textiles and refreshed my enthusiasm,
The chest is full of textiles, yarns and notions and in place in its new home! Fab. The only problem is husband doesn’t realise that there is more! Don’t tell him and we are all happy!

Welcome to the New Year


imageBroccoli and Stilton soupWelcome to the New Year

Welcome, blogging friends to 2014, may you all have happiness and health. This house welcomed the new year by making broccoli and Stilton soup. This was chosen to use up yellowing broccoli and opened Stilton and is yummy! It is simple and quick to make
Our lovely Labadour puppyish dog was intent on destroying his latest soft toy. This is the last cuddly toy that he will have as he can’t rest until all stuffing is all over they house! But he’s gorgeous. I was out walking him at 8 am on New Year’s Day which isn’t bad going. I didn’t meet a soul and it was a fab start to, hopefully, a fab year.
The crafting side of me has itchy fingers, lots of plans,too many ideas and not enough time. I will post as I can and as a create