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Special Stash and Goldwork



Firstly, I love the journal idea that I re blogged earlier today. I can’t start one just yet but I might keep my eye open when trawling through charity shops. Something else to seek and search for! Thanks to Sarah at The Thrift Store Crafter for the original blog🙋
Whilst continuing to “sort the stash” I came across a box of beads and sequins that had belonged to my Grandmother, Nanna Amy. This lady was my original inspiration for sewing and knitting. She was fond of embroidery and loved Crinoline ladies that were the fashion in the 1950s and 60s. Along with the box of beads was a picture of a galleon which she made in the late 60s. These treasures are lovely and hold great memories money can’t buy.
Maybe something that I make will last a long time and become someone’s treasure in years to come.

New Year’s Resolution to Journal: Step 1, Make a Journal


Thrift Store Crafter

Hello!  I hope everyone is coming off of a grand weekend.  Mine was wonderful, though too short, as always.

As I mentioned in my last post, the one thing I really want to do in 2014 is journal my creative life.  In order to do that, I’ll need a journal, right?  So I set off this weekend to make one.

I’d like to take credit for the idea of using an old children’s book for the cover, but that belongs to Patty of Radish Blossoms whose work I’m inspired by.  I added the frame with the year because the frame literally fell out of the closet at my feet.  I figured it was a sign that it was a time to use it.

I am forever buying old books at thrift stores for their crafting potential so I was ready to go with this project.  Honestly, I could probably make…

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